Cueva del Sur Inferior

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Disambig.png Cueva del Sur Inferior se conoce como "Cave in the South" en ARK: Survival Evolved Mobile

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Cueva del Sur Inferior
Cave in the South of the Island
Mapa del interior

Lower South Cave Map.jpg

The Island Topographic Map.jpg
80.3° Lat, 53.5° Lon
Artifact of the Hunter.png
Artifact of the Hunter
83.5° Lat, 56.0° Lon
Artifact Level
Loot Quality
Green Crate.png Green

La Cueva del Sur Inferior (Lower South Cave en la versión original del juego) es unas de las cuevas disponibles en el mapa The Island de ARK: Survival Evolved.



Esta cueva se encuentra justo al norte de la ensenada arenosa. Se puede llegar a ella fácilmente caminando desde el lado oeste del río que hay justo al oeste de la cueva. Comienza a caminar aproximadamente desde (81.2, 49.5), y dirígete hacia el este para entrar en un pequeño barranco. La entrada a la cueva está en la pared escarpada de la derecha, a unos cientos de metros de la playa.

The Lower South Cave is one of the easiest caves on the island, though it is still significantly more dangerous than anything in the nearby surface environment. Multiple creatures will slow and tranquilize the survivor as they swarm to the fight, and narrow, twisty passages can make a hasty retreat difficult.


  • Temperaturas bajas, aunque no lo suficiente como para causar hipotermia (unos 50 F dentro de la cueva)
  • Caminos circulares y muy parecidos, que pueden desorientar al jugador fácilmente
  • Ambushes from cave creatures lurking in crevices and dropping from holes in the ceiling - watch your back!
  • Torpidity induced by Arthropluera, Pulmonoscorpius, Titanoboa, and Araneo
  • Mega Rabies from Megalania and Onyc attacks
  • Ataques de Araneos, que ralentizarán el avance de tu personaje
  • Significant risk to armor from Arthropluera's acid attack
  • Zonas con agua repletas de Sarcosuchus y Pirañas
  • Attacking Arthropluera with Melee type attacks does inflict damage to yourself (or your tame)
  • Easy to get encumbered. 1 Crystal = 1 pound 1 metal= 1 pound 1 obsidian= 1 lb Bring animals that are leveled up on weight, but small.



Loot Drops (Items & Blueprints)

Ver: Loot Tables/The Island/Caves
in the section Generic Caves, Green - Level 10

Recommended Equipment

The equipment recommendations below are likely sufficient for a single trip through the cave, without carting out all of the metal, obsidian, and crystal. If you plan on looting the cave completely (or returning often), you may want to bring supplies to build a Smithy within the cave to repair armor.

The cave contains limited quantities of plants for Fiber and various berries, but no trees (so no Wood or Thatch). You will be able to harvest mass quantities of Raw Meat, Raw Prime Meat, and Raw Fish Meat while in the cave, so a Campfire can be handy to replenish food supplies.

  • Chitin Armor, Fur Armor or better
    • SCUBA Armor or a mountable swimming tame such as Beelzebufo for underwater loot crates
  • 3 ×  Torch
  • Pike
  • 3 ×  Bug Repellant
  • 30 ×  Cooked Meat
  • 5 ×  Bebida medicinal
  • 20 ×  Stimulant or 100 ×  Stimberries to counteract Torpor-inducing attacks
  • Arco, ballesta, escopeta o Archivo:Escopeta corredera.png escopeta corredera
  • 60 ×  Stone Arrow or 60 ×  Simple Shotgun Ammo
  • 2 ×  Water Jar or 2 ×  Waterskin or Canteen
  • 10 ×  Standing Torch to aid in navigation


  • Using Bug Repellant will make it easier to avoid Araneo and Arthropluera, however they are usually palling around with Titanoboa so you may have to do careful aggro of the snakes to draw them away
  • If cave navigation is a concern, place Standing Torch on the left side of cave paths as you descend; when exiting, keep the torches on your right to be sure you are heading in the correct direction
  • If you are only focused on cave drops or the artifact, you can use a Mindwipe Tonic, then put all your points into speed. Bring bug repellant and run to the artifact as fast as you can. Wear good armor or get a weapon like a pike in case you get attacked. You can bring dinos leveled up into health to soak up damage and distract enemies, while you can run, snatch the artifact, and get out of the cave. However, this tactic is very risky, so make sure you have many sleeping bags nearby because you may die often.
  • You can speed-run to the Artifact and back by going left at the first T, then left in the first large room and dropping off the cliff (into a nest of creatures, beware!). Escape back up the cliff using a Grappling Hook or by riding a Beelzebufo. On Mobile version you can climb up the cliff by jumping on the left corner of it (there is a small natural rim there, may take a couple tries)
  • The lakes have only small "beach" areas where you can safely exit the water; do not jump into a lake without knowing where the "beach" is!
  • Non-flying tames following you on Neutral or Aggressive will launch themselves off cliffs to defend you and may occasionally stumble down a cliff even if not aggro'd; tell them to Stop well back from any cliff before you walk up to it
  • Since one can farm a lot of Chitin and Hide (not to mention Experience) from the creatures in the cave, it's a good idea to wear Chitin Armor while farming. If Arthroplueras break your armor, all you need is fiber (available from plants within the cave) and a nearby Smithy or Castoroides to repair it!
  • A full looting of the cave (including lakes) will net several stacks of Metal and Crystal and a few stacks of Obsidian (most of this is in the lakes)
  • There are several Crystal nodes (but no Metal or Obsidian) which can be encountered before you reach points where creatures spawn
  • Of the eight cavedrop/loot crate locations shown on the map, only two will be active at a time. Don't forget to check the lakes: three of the potential drop locations are underwater! Note: On Mobile there are only Loot Crates on PVP Servers.
  • There is a cul-de-sac at the bottom of a spiraling ramp near the entrance to the cave where creatures can be led and trapped and shot at from above. This area is very safe for taming, being far away from the areas where creatures begin to spawn, yet deep enough into the cave that a battle with surface predators or enemy tribe members at the entrance to the cave likely won't disturb a tame.
  • At night, a Megalosaurus is the safest choice for a mount inside the cave. Not only is it too big to be grabbed by other active Megalosaurs, it also lifts the rider above the level of an Arthropluera's spit attack. Just don't forget to leave before morning!
  • Allosaurus is the largest creature that can enter the Lower South Cave, which means you can ride an Allosaurus into the cave and cave creatures will ignore you if you don’t attack them.
  • Take caution, as Megalania will deal Mega Rabies, leaving most players below 300HP to die a slow and annoying death. Bring healing items! Note: Not on Mobile.
  • As with any dangerous location, parts of the cave may be safe and devoid of predators while on rare occasions other parts are swarming. Unless you have a Gigantopithecus, it would be best to wear Bug Repellant and avoid the predators in the cave as small predators including the powerful Direbear are in risk of health draining.

Compatible Tamed Creatures

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Razón: "PC Update v252.0 introduced a new cave design.

If you verify a creature's access, please update its notes to indicate the version you were playing on."

This table is incomplete.
Tu puedes ayudar añadiendo las criaturas domesticadas que conoces que entran en la cueva. Si la criatura no puede entrar en la cueva, porfavor excluyala.

Accessibility Ratings:

  • Excelente: acceso a toda la cueva (desde la entrada hasta el Artefacto)
  • Limitada: puede acceder de forma segura a ciertas partes de la cueva
  • No recomendada: puede quedarse atascado o no salir de la cueva
Criatura Accesibilidad Se puede montar Notas
Allosaurus Limited
  •  Cannot enter the final room, sometimes, during leaving the cave, you have to mine crystal in order to access. Cryopod needed to enter the rest of the cave.
Archaeopteryx Excellent No
  •  Can be carried in and out by player.
Argentavis Limited Unofficial/
  •  Can explore most of the cave, but can become stuck near the artifact and unable to leave.
Arthropluera Not Recommended
  •  Will be unable to leave cave.
Baryonyx Limited
  •  Cannot enter the artifact room.
Beelzebufo Excellent
  •  Finicky to get it through the smaller artifact chamber opening; recommend leaving it outside or going long way around to the taller opening. (Verified Xbox v790.19)
Carbonemys Excellent
Carnotaurus Limited
  •  Cannot enter final room.
Castoroides Excellent
  •  Can be used to repair armor and weapons.
Chalicotherium Excellent
  •  Can explore majority of the cave and is effective against enemies.
Coelacanth Limited No
  •  Can be brought in using a Fish Basket. But can only be released in into the water in the cave.
Compy Excellent No
  •  Can keep one on shoulder or bring a whole pack.
Daeodon Excellent
Dilophosaur Excellent No
  •  Can bring one in or bring a whole pack.
Dimetrodon Excellent No
Dimorphodon Excellent No
  •  Can keep one on shoulder or bring a whole flock.
Diplocaulus Excellent
Dire Bear Limited
  •  Cannot enter artifact room. Mining of crystal deposits near entrance is sometimes necessary to exit smoothly.
Direwolf Excellent
  •  Can mount and ride one or bring a whole pack.
Doedicurus Excellent
Dodo Excellent No
  •  Can be carried in and out by player.
Dung Beetle Excellent No
  •  Can be carried in and out by player.
Enforcer Limited
  •  Cannot enter the artifact chamber.
Equus Excellent
Gallimimus Excellent
Gigantopithecus Excellent
  •  Can travel and repel enemies with ease, and is also a decent swimmer if you land in the water.
Hesperornis Excellent No
  •  Can be carried on shoulder or bring a whole flock.
Hyaenodon Excellent No
  •  Can bring one in or bring a whole pack.
Ichthyornis Excellent No
  •  Can be carried on shoulder.
Iguanodon Limited
  •  Can not enter artifact room.
Jerboa Excellent No
  •  Can be carried by player.
Kaprosuchus Excellent
Kairuku Excellent No
  •  Can be carried in and out by player.
Kentrosaurus Excellent No
Lystrosaurus Excellent No
Megaloceros Not Recommended
  •  Can enter but will hit an 'invisible wall' further in that prevents entry.
Megalosaurus Limited
  •  Can reach all rooms but the artifact chamber. Can get stuck in lakes if not ridden out.
Megatherium Limited
  •  Can not enter artifact room. Ideal Chitin harvester.
Mesopithecus Excellent No
  •  Can keep on shoulder or can bring a whole troop.
Microraptor Excellent No
  •  Can keep on shoulder or bring a whole flock.
Moschops Excellent
  •  Really good for killing Araneos.
Onyc Excellent No
Otter Excellent No
  •  Can be carried on shoulder.
Oviraptor Excellent No
Ovis Excellent
Pachy Excellent
Pachyrhinosaurus Excellent
Parasaur Excellent
Pelagornis Excellent Unofficial/
Pegomastax Excellent No
  •  Can be carried on shoulder.
Phiomia Excellent
Piranha Limited No
  •  Can be brought in using a Fish Basket. But can only be released into the water in the cave
Procoptodon Excellent
Pteranodon Excellent Unofficial/
  •  Official Servers: Cannot mount in cave.
    Unofficial/Single-Player: Requires server setting -ForceAllowCaveFlyers to mount.
Purlovia Excellent No
Raptor Excellent
  •  Can mount and ride one in or bring a pack.
Ravager Excellent
Sabertooth Salmon Limited No
  •  Can be brought in using a Fish Basket. But can only be released into the water in the cave.
Sabertooth Excellent
  •  Got changed, invisible wall is gone.
Sarco Limited
  •  Can't make it down the first narrow path
Scorpion Excellent
  •  Can leave cave, tested 257.48
Spider Excellent
Stegosaurus Not Recommended
  •  Can only enter using Cryopod limited in a few areas of the cave.
Terror Bird Excellent
  •  Can mount and ride one in or bring a flock.
Therizinosaur Not Recommended
  •  Can not enter it's head also get stuck in the ceiling at the entrance of the cave. Cryopod needed to enter the cave.
Thorny Dragon Excellent
Thylacoleo Limited
  •  You will have to do some jumping to get in and out and it can't get in the artifact room.
Titanoboa Excellent
Triceratops Not Recommended
  •  Can get in, but gets stuck. Charge into first area, then reverse. Cryopod needed to enter the rest of the cave.
Troodon Excellent No
  •  Can bring one in or bring whole a pack.
Vulture Excellent No
  •  Can keep on shoulder or bring a whole flock.


  • Considered one of the easiest caves, very good for farming experience. The green area where the tunnel forks in a "T" leading down to the areas with the Explorer Notes and the area with the Artifact of the Hunter marks the start of where creatures begin to spawn, but beware: they may chase players to areas closer towards the entrance!
  • As of version 242.x, there is still a bug just inside the entrance to the cave at approximately 82.3 52.9 that will teleport you to the surface or fall through the world. Try to attempt one or more of the following as a workaround:
    • Run and jump through the teleportation point.
    • Crawl (prone) through the teleportation point.
    • Walk along the left wall (without touching the wall).
    • Remove any items from your hands (or hotbar).
  • There are two dossier notes in this location; one for Kaprosuchus and one for Leeches.
  • Apparently, Allosaurus is the largest creature that can fit this cave.
  • Since there are not a lot of animals in the cave, it makes for a great place to tame Arthropleura on ARK: Mobile and request them to the surface.