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In order to keep the wiki free of spam and unnecessary items, there are a few rules and guidelines for editing and creating pages. Editors are expected to be familiar with these rules as well as the Style Guide.

  1. Don't post content that is against the TOS.
  2. Spam/Advertising/Vandalism is not allowed. This includes posting off-topic, repetitive, offensive, libelous, or advertising content.
    1. Some Private Server information is allowed, provided that it keeps the same format.
  3. Harassment, insults, ad hominem is not allowed on the wiki. Please keep all discussion pages as civil as possible. Be respectful.
  4. Link to homepages, try to avoid linking directly to files and file-sharing sites--homepages are generally more secure than a Megashare link.
  5. Try to make sure your pages have content. Note that some content might be too simple to warrant a page. There are exceptions, such as parts of the actual game. Berries is a great example.
  6. If you are in the middle of working on a page, mark it as a work in progress so it won't get removed due to lack of content.
  7. Content should first and foremost cover the game as it appears and behaves under the standard PvPvE configuration on official servers. Where applicable, notable differences between PvPvE and PvE rulesets should be noted.
  8. Keep speculation to a minimum. Anecdotal evidence should be confined to an article's talk page where it must be verified before inclusion in the article.
  9. Keep videos to an absolute maximum of 2 per page. It's better to tell rather than show. See below for additional video specific rules.
    1. The first video posted to a page may be done without debate. Additional or replacement videos should only be added if they expand on the information, or if other videos are outdated/misinformative.
    2. Videos must follow the Video Policy.
    3. Videos should contain the version of the game they were recorded in.
    4. Videos that fail to completely adhere to these rules, or that have become outdated will be removed at the discretion of the individual admins.
  10. Sign your posts on talk pages with ~~~~. If you see a comment without a signature, look into the page's history to find the username and date of the person who made the comment, then substitute {{Unsigned}} using {{unsigned|Username|Date}} and remind them to sign next time using {{Please sign}}.