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Wall may refer to:


Patch  ARK: Survival Evolved Changes
178.0  Stone Wall is added to the game.
  • Explosions no longer damage structures thru walls.
  • Can no longer melee attack people thru walls.
  • Can no longer damage players through walls with pikes/grenades etc.
180.4 Building Walls can now be embedded in geometry more, providing more ways to place them.
184.0 Fixed the last erroneous "No Nearby Foundation" issue when trying to build walls.
191.0 Fixed exploit that could push characters through walls in edge case.
193.0 You can no longer damage Tamed dinos thru Walls.
207.0 When placing a Wall, you can now press the Use-Key to rotate them 180 degrees when snapped.
217.2 Fixed dino-player pushing through walls case.
224.2 You can no longer place wall-structures on doors.
231.7 Fixed issue where you could unboard through house-boat/dino-platform walls.
233.0  Greenhouse Wall is added to the game.
242.5 Can no longer drop picked-up Dinos through structure walls.
245.989 Fixed an exploit that allowed phasing through walls.
246.0  Adobe Wall is added to the game.
254.86 Prevented using  Whip to pickup items thru walls.
255.0  Tek Wall is added to the game.
259.0 Fixed the dino fleeing mechanic so that dinos should no longer run into walls endlessly.
260.0 Potential fix for dinos being able to give and take damage through walls.
  • Disabled High Wall placement on platform saddles.
  • Fixed crash related to mounts and walls
307.2 Improved placement of walls when using an Ocean Platform.
310.41 Fixed a bug with certain creatures attacking through structure walls.