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Minor version
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Jun 26, 2015
  • Stone Water Tank is now crafted by hand, not at the Smithy
  • Fixed an issue where various animations werent' updating out of view on clients (they were pausing)
  • Claiming a Dino now properly sets its new Personal Owner data
  • Hitting stuff with the Spyglass and Flaregun (which have no durability) is now akin to punching with your Fists (8 damage per hit and hurts you slightly)
  • Fixed issue where pillars were sometimes not being considered "foundations". (any pillars that have this "no nearby foundation" issue will need to be rebuilt on servers upgraded to 180.4 in order to be considered a foundation)
  • Fixed massive stall (4-8 seconds) associated with periodic garbage collection
  • Added custom saddles for Argentavis and Carbonemys
  • Spike blockades can no longer hurt you through walls
  • Made wild Megalodons charge speed slower
  • Reduced the length of the Ptero's grab animation
  • Fixed a case where you could get killed riding your flyer on certain slopes
  • Added a lot of missing environmental Ambient Sounds
  • HarvestAmountMultiplier and HarvestHealthMultiplier server settings now work
  • More GPU perf gains due to map optimization (approx +15% to +20%) and fixing a serious Sky perf issue
  • Fixed harvesting impact decals that weren't appearing
  • Exposed most current server settings to the Host Game UI
  • You can't mount dinos thru walls anymore
  • Building Walls can now be embedded in geometry more, providing more ways to place them