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Released - 10 January, 2016

  • Fixed issue where you could accidentally get unboarded from Procop Pouch on terrain slopes
  • Fixed issue where you could unboard through house-boat/dino-platform walls
  • Made Cages give no damage to punching prisoners
  • Made "Accept Tribe Invitation" require holding the Action Wheel option, rather than Activation Quick-Press (was too easy to trick enemies into accidentally joining your Tribe).
  • +25% Bronto base HP and +20% on its platform-saddle Armor Rating
  • Base HP of Ptero and Arg +20% each
  • Ptero attack damage +25% and its barrel roll damage by 40%
  • Carno Head Butt Damage +25%
  • Harvesting a Giganotosaurus now gives mostly prime meat (and killing it gives much more XP)
  • New server option to prevent spawning of Loot crates (artifact crates will still spawn):
(or LinuxServer)