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Major version
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Jul 2, 2015
  • Unversioned LinuxServer crash Hotfix posted!**
  • Approximate additional 10% GPU perf gain on Shader Model 4 pipeline specifically (it was doing a bunch of GPU work that was not applicable to SM4)
  • Full Stone Structure Tier!
  • Major client loading speed improvements
  • Environment foliage rendering performance improvement
  • Finally fixed the remaining Tamed-Megalodon/Swimmer beaching-death case -- thank you RightHand ;)
  • Fixed issue with flying dinos losing Oxygen when they got "near" the water surface
  • Auto-Turrets damage vs dinos increased by 3x
  • Ichthyosaurus can now fit thru dino gates
  • Crop plot yields increased 50% and max # of crop items on them increased by 300%
  • You can now drag item stacks that will make you overweight onto your inventory -- it will now only drag the portion of the stack that can fit in your inventory, rather than not allowing the drag operation at all.
  • Turret aim against big dinos (i.e. Rex) is now fixed
  • You can no longer "respawn" in Hardcore by reconnecting to server
  • HarvestHealthMultiplier should finally work on your custom servers :)
  • Linux client: fullscreen at non-native resolutions now scales properly
  • Restored the previous "overdamage" of Harvestable Resources, while we work in the coming days on a new balance for per-Dino Resource Harvesting multipliers -- unofficial servers can enable the limiting optionally with "ClampResourceHarvestDamage=true"
  • Fixed Shark spawn percentages (may take some time to have effects on existing servers, since the increased Shark population won't immediately despawn. Go Shark Hunting to clear 'em out ;). More Dolphins, and far less Sharks.
  • Fixed Linux Server socket termination crash -- thank you to Steam user 'Beast' for tracking it down :)
  • Fixed mod maps not automatically downloading when connecting to a server hosting a mod