1.2 (Primitive Plus)

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Released - September 13, 2016 in 247.1 Source - Primitive Plus 1.2 Patch Notes

  • Fixed crafting reqs on glass roof
  • Obsidian pickaxe damage increased
  • Cashew milk doesn't need an engram - place ground cashew in cauldron for 120s
  • Cooked poultry works
  • Lumber gate doors functional
  • Behemoth brick gateway was renamed to reflect its actual size. Will need to get behemoth in
  • Bonemeal engram requirements corrected
  • Fermenting barrel malt consumption corrected. Will consume every 120s
  • All variations of "chicken" renamed to "poultry"
  • Tudor bar engrams now appear in engram list
  • Brick gate and gate frame engrams restored
  • Metal hammer torpor increased
  • Allo saddle engram added to smithy
  • Apiary inventory increased
  • Fishing loot tables adjusted to remove primitive items
  • Seated position in lumber chair improved
  • Battle-axe damage increased
  • Poultry cooking and stacking issues resolved
  • Poultry stacks reduced to 5
  • Poultry spoil time increased
  • Fish and ribs taming affinity reduced
  • Steel safe damage type corrected (can not be destroyed easily with basic tools)
  • Lumber glass ceiling renamed to be in-line with other lumber structures
  • Viking axe and battle axe can be repaired
  • Grindstone should look inside its inventory for materials rather than personal inventory
  • Dried rice description and icon fixed
  • Tea, Coffee, Sugar, and Tobacco can't be used for taming
  • Wooden club torpor increased