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Fence Foundations
Fence Supports


  • If a pillar is destroyed, any building pieces that rely on it for support will be destroyed as well. You can transfer the foundation support from pillar to floor foundation by having and replacing the ceiling (with another ceiling) that is connected through the supporting pillar to connect with a wall that is directly connect from a floor foundation.
  • Except the (1) supporting pillar demolished by the player only; no other resources are refunded from structures that breaks from the broken support pillar.
  • Pillars are commonly used to build bridges. This is done by placing a normal foundation at the start, building 2 ceilings out, adding pillars under the second ceiling until they reach the ground, and then repeating the process.
  • In order for a pillar to count as providing support to an area, it must be snapped onto the structure it is attempting to support, not simply be placed underneath it. It is therefore necessary to build from top to bottom when attempting to add support to a pre-existing structure.
  • Ladders can be placed on the pillars, allowing for tall, thin towers.
  • When snapped to an existing ceiling, pillars will stick through it. This can be avoided by simply adding another ceiling layer on top of all pillars. The lower ceiling pieces can then be demolished.
  • To get pillars to not poke through the floor: place the first one halfway through the floor from the bottom. This one now has two snap points, the default and one slightly lower. Extend pillars to the ground. Go up top and demolish the first one. Poke-through is very minimal on wood and stone, there is none at all on metal.
  • Floor Foundations snaps spaced from the bottom of the Pillar. Lower the pillar, chances of lowering the floor foundation.