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Minor version
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Apr 7, 2020
  • Added Eggcellent Adventure event content
  • Fixed a bug where MEK pistol could damage players mounted on a dino
  • Reduced MEK pistol damage to players by 85%
  • Reduced MEK Pistol range by 25%
  • Increased the amount of materials harvested by the mining drill
  • TEK Shield now has a limited number of crafts (like other TEK blueprints)
  • Made multiple improvements to the Hexagon Exchange UI
  • Fixed a bug where releasing from a cryopod using EnableCryopodNerf would cause them to take 10x damage for the time set.
  • Introduced an increase incoming damage multiplier from the cryopod-release debuff
    • This can be adjusted with the command line/GameUserSettings.ini parameter CryopodNerfIncomingDamageMultPercent where 0.25 = 25%
    • This is enabled on our Official PvP servers and is set to 25% by default
  • Loot crates will now automatically open when purchased if you are flying or swimming
  • Prevented MEKS from being able to be stacked inside each other
  • Fixed an issue with TEK durability that prevented stat capping
  • Argents can no longer pick up smaller wild aggressive creatures in PvE