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Released - 22 September, 2015

  • Unversioned Hotfix: Fixed a server crash: "ShooterGameServer.exe!UObjectPropertyBase::Identical()"
  • Ballistas now do no damage at all to Auto Turrets
  • Ballista damage vs stone structures reduced by 40%
  • Singleplayer Ballista Bolts now only give you 1 bolt
  • Fixed aquatic creatures getting into "falling" physics when knocked unconscious underwater
  • Elevators can now be built on ceilings, within bases, etc.
  • Fixed Stuck-Underground-Flyer Kill check
  • Elevator movements now only get obstructed by static world geometry, not structures or characters
  • All SCUBA gear pieces are now properly dye-able, male and female
  • PvP Respawn timer is not used anymore in PvE games or in singleplayer mode