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Major version
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Sep 13, 2015
  • Pachy will now collide with each other, and their torpor inducement has been buffed about 20%
  • You can now paint doors again
  • Compass is now oriented properly when riding a Dino
  • Rafts can't starve anymore
  • AI Dinos won't try to harvest unharvestable resources anymore (i.e. too-large rocks etc)
  • User Config values shouldn't get clobbered anymore
  • Respawning at Beds on loaded Raft/Platforms will no longer result in spawning at origin
  • Invisible dinos on Rafts/Platforms should be resolved
  • Crash callstacks are now written to text file on disk for better reporting (you can grab them off your remote dedicated server's hard drive, etc)
  • Bronto Rider Platform Driver position is now correct across save-games
  • Fixed a case where Dinos couldn't harvest resources when attacking
  • Fixed a Weapon Ammo issue
  • Fixed Flyers attachment standing on Rafts/Platforms
  • Eliminated the extra forward-walking on ground of Tamed Flyers after they land
  • Fixed Rafts super-bobbing and flying off into space
  • Fixed Rafts/Brontos getting stuck on their own structures, they can now always move properly.
  • Added a MaxKillZ as a failsafe in case anyone gets stranded in-orbit (will still resolve any such cases individually)
  • Fixed inability to Claim dinos that had transponders on them
  • Made Ladders not prevent movement (allow collide-and-slide) if they're not attached to a moving platform (helps resolve some cases of stuck-on-ladders)
  • Applying Painting Templates no longer can consume the durability non-paintbrush items ;)
  • Reduced Assault Rifle Per-Shot Durability cost by 50%
  • Removed the "Buggy" (heh heh) Vehicle from the build for now until we resolve the stability of multiple asynchronous PhysX substeps