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  • Added Server PvP Auto Demolish options and PvE Auto Dino Unclaim options
(or the commandline ?PvPStructureDecay=true, etc)
  • Added option for unofficial Servers to have all admin commands logged to chat, to help Admin trustworthiness. Clients can see whether the servers have this setting enabled in the Pause menu.
  • Significantly reduced Dino system memory overhead -- but the further fix of 50% memory reductions will come in subsequent update.
  • Extinction of the "Extinction Event" Servers
  • Session List now filters out Workshop mod games that are on incompatible Workshop mod version
  • Eliminated repeated "Installing Mod..." blips when at the main menu
  • New "Low Quality VFX" option makes rain and underwater cheaper. Will link up more effects in the future.
  • Fixed some incorrect structure damage type settings on metal/stone roofs/slopes
  • Fixed a case where you could get insta-killed when dismounting from your creature such as the Gigantopithecus
  • Dev Kit: Added capability for Total Conversions to use inherited PrimalGameData to stay in sync with live game.
  • Dev Kit: ALL editable variables are now automatically read/write exposed to Blueprint. Unlimited Power!!!!