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Released - 10 July 2015

Ark: Survival Evolved - 92.8 MB

  • Fixed various mods crashing -- any which used custom Materials, such as Apako Island:
  Apako Islands v0.751 Alpha 
  A Workshop-item for ARK: Survival Evolved
  By: Kimmykix The Apako Islands is a 65 Square Kilometer map mod mainly focused around islands, as opposed to one big mainland.
  There are many different biomes around the map, but its generally a more temperate area then most...
  • Improved speed of background loading core game data while at main menu
  • Fixed a Chatbox crash
  • Eliminated some Snapshot_16 "permanent" hangs if banned or missing communication from server during connection
  • Server Passwords now appear as Asteriks' in Admin Managment UI (soon you'll be able to change this dynamically via the UI), and "message-of-the-day changing in the UI" crash is fixed