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Released - 09 July 2015

Unversioned Hotfix:

  • Servers will no longer crash if admins use the "Refresh" button on the Server Admin UI.
  • Fixed a client-side Foliage crash

Ark: Survival Evolved - 192MB

  • RCON for Server Admins - Click to show Details

add these to your server commandline
(only need to specify a server admin password if you're not already doing so)

Then you can run any console commands that you see in the in-game ShowMyAdminManager, some useful ones include for example:

  • listplayers
  • banplayer PlayerName
  • unbanplayer PlayerName
  • exit
  • broadcast messageWhateverItIs

Note we don't currently send all chat back out through RCON, but we should so you can expect that shortly.

  • Server Administration UI: - Click to show Details

To use this, use the console commands in-game:
enablecheats AdminPassword

In there you'll see all of the server settings, stats, connected players, whitelist and ban list management, message of the day, and all of the executable console commands that you can run through the GUI (which are also runnable via RCON so it's a good way to learn the RCON commands!).

  • Removed caps for Play Local menu: you can now enter any values you like into the various options' text fields and they'll be saved/used properly.
  • Doubled the # of inventory slots in the fridge
  • Opening the In-Game Pause Menu in Singleplayer Mode now actually fully Pauses the game :)
  • Fixed collision on Stone Foundation/Ceiling so that you can properly fit through the Stone doorway in between them.
  • Fixed case where in-ground Pillars were not being considered "Foundations"
  • Air Conditioning units are 100% more powerful insulation and 100% more range
  • Fixed a bug with dinos that were in-taming process becoming super slow if tame process was finished after a reload
  • Now takes approx 3 grenades to bring down a spike wall, fixed the explosion damage multiplier on 'em to be consistent with all other metal structures
  • Ceiling replacement no longer becomes obstructed by objects on the ceiling
  • Reduced OP cat-tail foliage resource giving

ARK Dev Kit - 3MB

  • ARK Dev Kit Game Data Override: Create your own survival game with total capability to override the core "gamedata" of ARK in your mod: everything can then be changed, from Engrams to Items to Character States to Dossiers. You don't even need to make a new map, you can just override all values/content on the existing ARK Island!
  • Mod makers can now override the minimap and spawn regions
  • Mods can now force the player to spawn-in rather than displaying the respawn map
  • Dev Kit has been updated with a "GenericMod" example that gives you a Primitive-Only ARK achieved through Modding rather than through INI -- which is way more powerful because then you can totally rebalance and change ANYTHING.