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Logo Mobile.svg This article is about content exclusively available in the version on Mobile.
10x Soothing Balm
Mobile Soothing Balm.png

Smells aromatic and peaceful, and is perfectly cool to the touch. Soothes unconscious creatures for a 10x taming boost.

Stack size

Soothing Balm is an item in ARK: Survival Evolved Mobile.


When force-fed to an unconscious creature or fed to a passive taming creature, Soothing Balm applies a 10x taming boost. Soothing Balm can be obtained from Tributing Artifacts, Free Gifts or certain Pursuits.

Soothing Balm can only be used once on any given Creature. This quickly increases the chance of taming a creature with much less food. It also allows players to tame creatures in a smaller time frame reducing the chance of it losing effectiveness or dying. It is an upgrade to the Minor Soothing Balm.


  • Prior to v1.1.21, Soothing Balm could be purchased from the In-Game Store.
  • Tributing the Artifact of the Hunter to the Green Obelisk is the easiest way to get free Soothing Balm. On rare occasions you may not receive it. You can put beds at all the artifact containers and obelisks to die and respawn with any artifact of your choosing and tribute it for gear, amber, or balm.
  • Since Soothing Balm greatly increases taming speed and amount in a short time, you can guard vulnerable animals significantly better against predators since inflicting damage on the unconscious target will hardly change how quickly it will be tamed.