ARK: Survival Evolved/Patch/Switch 612.0

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Major version

Listed as 2.0.8 on Nintendo Store.

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Jun 12, 2023
  • Added support for Genesis: Part 1 Expansion Map
  • Added support for Summer Bash event
  • Tuned the Double Tap L to Whistle Attack Target command
  • Fixed cinematics to play correctly when viewed from the Explorer Note menu
  • Fixed Carcharodontosaurus saddle crafting
  • Fixed cryopods to no longer allow for duplicating items
  • Fixed cryopodded tames not eating after transferring maps
  • Fixed Ice & Fire Wyverns to properly apply elemental immunity in PvP
  • Fixed missing option to spay or neuter a tamed Rock Drake
  • Fixed helmet armor slot to properly account for headshot damage
  • Fixed input issue that could cause Raptor jump to break
  • Fixed invisible crops growing on crop plots (Single Player)
  • Restored ability for Gacha to consume inventory items while in stasis (Multiplayer)
  • Fixed a crash when grabbed by the Forest Titan (Extinction)
  • Fixed nighttime lightning visuals on Desert Titan (Extinction)
  • Fixed a hole in the ceiling of The Caverns of Lost Faith (The Island)
  • Fixed numerous holes in underwater caves (The Island)
  • Fixed the emissive effect on the ground of Swamp Cave (The Island)
  • Single Player Map Selection screen now defaults to last played map
  • Numerous localization fixes for Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean & Russian