ARK: Survival Evolved/Patch/Switch 608.0

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Major version

Listed as 2.0.6 on Nintendo Store.

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Mar 17, 2023
  • Added support for upcoming Extinction DLC
  • Carcharodontosaurus can now be found roaming The Island, Ragnarok & Extinction
  • Radial Structure limit increased by 15%
  • Added support for Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Korean languages
  • Fix for launching Non-Dedicated Sessions with DLC maps
  • Improvements to Supply Drop accessibility
  • Palm Tree bridges in Ragnarok are now usable
  • Fixed Wyvern overspawning on Ragnarok
  • Fix for Kaprosuchus doing massive damage when attacking players
  • Fixed camera position becoming offset while flying tames
  • Restored audio to Spray Painter
  • Fixed Tek Dedicated Storage to visualize inventory numbers
  • Fixed Jetpack visuals in low frame rate situations
  • Fixed Holograms in Overseer Arena on The Island
  • Fixed Spawn Regions not showing on Create New Survivor screen
  • Fixed invisible buttons in painting menu
  • Fixed Explorer Note chests to open when discovered while mounted on a tame
  • Fix for items in the midst of crafting when exiting and re-entering Single Player
  • Disabled UI on Radio as this item is cosmetic-only on Switch
  • Painting your Survivor or Tame in Multiplayer now saves properly
  • Fixed Ban functionality in Admin Manager on Unofficial Servers
  • Disabled access to Engine & Console Command UI for all non-admins in Multiplayer
  • Fix for very small inventory numbers when playing in Russian, Japanese, Chinese or Korean
  • Wooden Billboard is now appropriately named "Wooden Billboard"