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Major version
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Dec 8, 2023
  • Fixed various issues with Tek Forcefield
  • Fixed being unable to place doors in doorways when build in open Vacuum Compartment
  • Fixed Tek Forcefield fuel consumption rates
  • Fixed an issue causing some dinos attacks to appear jittery on server
  • Fixed unconscious players visually sinking through ceilings and floors
  • Adjusted Wooly Rhino socket that poop and babies spawn outside of the Rhino
  • Fixed death marker not appearing if player died while logged off
  • Prevented boss teleporting aquatic-only dinos with the Tek Transmitter
  • Thylacoleo AI now correctly jumps from trees more consistently
  • Fixed being unable to dismount with E if you have recently been hit with a Crowd Control buff
  • Prevented basilosaurus from generating oil as a baby (or when dead) to make it easier to hand-feed them
  • Battle Tartare now correctly increases Melee Damage
  • Arthropluera no longer get wild levels into Oxygen as it does not use it
  • Fixed some aspects of Tek Chest not working correctly on servers under stress
  • Fixed drop in altitude when hovering while using the Tek Chest
  • Fixed Ichthyornis hunt and retrieve ability sometimes not working
  • Fixed crops grown in crop plots going invisible in Singleplayer after relogging
  • Fixed Industrial Grinder sorting its engrams like they were items
  • Industrial Grinder now uses remote/wireless crafting
  • Turrets now respect the count of turrets in range regardless of tribe
  • Fixed resolution scale setting sometimes not saving
  • Fixed Plant Species X sometimes not growing correctly on rafts when the server restarts
  • Fixed Basilosaurus attacks sometimes not registering server is under stress
  • Fixed sometimes getting pushed underneath the raft when dismounting it
  • Fixed Elevator platforms sometimes sinking under the mesh or structure and getting stuck
  • Fixed several fuel consuming structures to sometimes stop consuming fuel after a server restart
  • Fixed flyer landing jitter
  • Grass should no longer stick through player ceiling structures
  • Fixed short player characters floating when driving rafts
  • Added a better indicator for placing secret doors to avoid building with them accidently
  • Fixed Rhyniognatha picking up enemy creatures on PVE with AllowFlyerCarryPvE=True
  • Fixed Procoptodon getting stuck on babies removed from its pouch
  • Fixed eggs sinking into floors upon server restart
  • Fixed raft sometimes rubberbanding when a dino is in close proximity to the driver
  • Fixed being able to place doors that are clipping into the terrain
  • Fixed color placement for large wall being backwards
  • Allowed placement of walls on the sides of foundations
  • Allowed placement of pillars on fence supports
  • Fixed Therizino and Raptor being unable to harvest small dinos
  • Fixed Tusoteuthis being able to instantly delete players & dinos through the world barrier
  • Fixed a camera issue related to relogging on a bed on a server
  • Using "Transfer All" on a Tek Dedicated Storage now ignores player weight capacity
  • Fixed inconsistency with harvesting tiny creatures
  • Fixed Pelagornis missing its 80% weight reduction to organic polymer
  • Fixed player stamina sometimes draining when riding a dino underwater
  • Fixed teleporting large dinos with Small Tek Teleporter
  • Fixed Tek Teleporter getting an inventory rank from Tribe placement settings
  • Increased Max Water Amount of Industrial Cooking Pot to 10000, so max craftable quantity is now 100
  • Added option to Industrial Cooking Pot and Cooking Pot to set a specific item class to auto craft to when auto crafting is enabled
  • Adjusted the Single Player default Fuel Consumption rates to Easy 0.25 -> 4.0, Medium 0.5 -> 2.0, Hard stays at 1.0
  • Fixed flickering on unconscious players that are based on dinos
  • Fixed unconscious players being teleported into boss fights
  • Fixed quick drag body "G" keybind
  • Fixed the Fishing UI Timer counting down incorrectly
  • Toilet will now require fresh poop to spoil contained raw meat
  • Fixed some resources not stacking when using custom resource stacking
  • Fixed some dinos harvesting inconsistently when server is under stress
  • Rhyniognatha's resin armor weakened to 80% incoming damage (from 55%)
  • Rhyniognatha's resin armor (vs Tek) weakened to 65% incoming damage (from 40%)
  • Rhyniognatha's movement speed while carrying reduced by 50%
  • Rhyniognatha's base Health reduced to 900 (from 1400)
  • Rhyniognatha's base Weight reduced to 1100 (from 1200)