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Released - June 24th, 2021 - Minor version update for servers and clients
  • Fixed some cases where the Explorer Notes would not unlock properly on the server (to get the first HLNA explorer note, make sure to hit the reset cinematics button in your options - note that you only unlock Explorer Notes once HLNA has finished all her lines.)
  • Fixed a bug where the WorldBuffScalingEfficacy would break harvesting rates.
  • Prevented some Rockwell & Eden variants creatures on Aberration that weren't native to the map.
  • Enabled creature downloads on Aberration for the Genesis: Part 2 permitted creatures, including the Stryder, Maewing, Shadowmane, Noglin, R-variants.
  • Shadowmane baby food consumption has been reduced
  • Fixed a bug where Maewing babies in baskets could be lost on server start up
  • Fixed cases where the "hacking" mini game could fail incorrectly when taming the Stryder, and also made it more reliable on all servers.