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Fecha de lanzamiento: 14 de enero de 2021
Tipo de versión: {{{2}}}
Cambios y correcciones:

  • Added Explorer Notes 11-15 for Genesis Chronicles
  • Added TEK Chest V2 for Genesis Chronicles
  • Added additional mesh biting detection
  • Se han corregido varios métodos de malla
  • Fixed a bug where the Scorched Earth Manticore was rewarding the incorrect amount of Element
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to create names with invisible letters
  • Fixed multiple level-design related bugs such as holes, floating foliage, incorrect volumes, etc.
  • Fixed a bug where the Taming UI pop up would not function at reduced resolution scales
  • Fixed a bug where the TEK Turret did not respect Tribe Ranks
  • Fixed a crash with the Taming HUD
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed beehives to be duped
  • Managarmr can no longer dash when C4 is attached (Similarly to how the Pterodon cannot roll)
  • Deinonychus riders are now correctly dismounted when flashed by a Plant Species Z Fruit
  • Carno Visual Changes (Texture/Material Update)
  • New Single Player/Host Setting: Enable Level Up for Flyer Movement Speed