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Released - June 15th, 2021 - (329.49 for clients) -Minor version update for servers and clients

  • Fixed TEK Sensor resetting on server restart.
  • Fixed Loadout Dummy decay timer being too short.
  • Fixed Dedicated Servers having the incorrect version when launched via the client.
  • Fixed being unable to navigate onto the Genesis 2 Engram filter.
  • Fixed some cases where the Stryder could not harvest properly.
  • Fixed some cases where the Net Ammo was not correctly dismounting players.
  • TEK Bow 'H' (Additional Info) Key now correctly displays the shard cost per ammo type.
  • Fixed some item descriptions.
  • Updated the Venus Fly Trap HUD.
  • Fixed some environmental visuals.
  • Fixed some inconsistencies with the Hoversail Trick Activation Text.
  • Fixed a client crash.
  • Fish Baskets no longer check for nearby enemy structures in PVE.
  • Stryder now has folders in the Multi Use wheel when looking at available dedicated storages, sorted by the nearest to the Stryder first.
  • Tropeo saddle was readded to crafting stations.
  • Reduced the Astrodelphis melee damaged.
  • Astrodelphis homing missile shot no longer damages riders when it is targetting a tame.
  • Turrets will no longer attempt to target the Astrodelphis homing missile (as this does not damage structures).
  • Dung Beetle are now available on Genesis Part 2.
  • R-Plant seeds have been readded to the general mission loot reward.
  • Fixed some cases where Mutagen could be fed to unintended things.
  • Fixed some exploits.
  • Fixed multiple server and client crashes.
  • Fixed multiple server and client stalls.
  • Fixed a bug where eggs would incubate instantly.
  • Server Configuration values related to Genesis 2 World Buffs.
    • bDisableWorldBuffs=True - This will disable world buffs entirely
    • bEnableWorldBuffScaling=True - This dynamic setting will cause world buffs to scale their benefits multiplicatively, rather than additionally. (Official Servers have this set to false/use additional).
    • WorldBuffScalingEfficacy=1 - This dynamic setting will act as a global scalar to reduce/increase the effectiveness of world buffs. 1 would be default, 0.5 would be 50% less effective, 100 would be 100x more effective.