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The Carniflora (CAR-nee-floor-uh) is a carnivorous plant in Genesis: Part 2. Found most likely in and outside Rockwell's Garden. It cannot be grown by the player.


How to fight

The Carniflora are weak to flames, anything that burns will destroy them. Be incredibly cautious, Carniflora are aggressive and will attack by biting and picking up the survivor, inflicting large amounts of torpor in seconds.


Flamethrowers and flame arrows work best as they are out of the Carniflora’s reach. However, torches also work if you can manage to not be snatched. Interestingly, you can escape the carniflora’s mouth similar to a Bloodstalker.


  • It is modeled after the Venus Flytrap, which also acts as its code name.
  • It is one of the few plants in the game that can attack the player. The other being Plant Species X.
  • Can be harvested for Raw Meat, Spoiled Meat,Black Pearls, and Element Shards. However, be wary of pale colored ones alone or in clusters as these variants will grab any unsuspecting survivor.


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