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Patch Changes
275.0 Aberration Expansion Release Basilisk is added to the game.
275.2 Added  Basilisk Saddle to  Smithy where it was meant to be.
275.31 Increased Wild Basilisk  Health by 50%.
275.32 Basilisks can now be properly downloaded to ARKs other than Aberration.
275.4 Fixed multiple cases of invisibility for Basilisk.
  • Added  Basilisk Saddle to Aberration loot table.
  • Now can damage foliage and trees on movement to prevent getting stuck.
  • Improved accuracy of the poison shot.
  • Reduced the respawn rate of Basilisks and lowered their Nearby Player respawn check.
289.100 Mesh Memory Optimizations for Basilisk.
294.101 Fixed exploit related to Basilisks.
295.102 LOD Iteration for Basilisk.
307.2 Can now also be tamed with Fertilized  Magmasaur Eggs.
312.65  Tek Helmet will now give protection from Basilisk spit attacks.
313.10 Fixed an exploit with the Basilisk.
316.18 Basilisk now has eyes.
318.9 Fixed a bug which broke Basilisk IK.
329.5 Genesis: Part 2 Expansion Release Basilisk is added to Genesis: Part 2.