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เวอร์ชันหลัก | 24 ม.ค. 2019
  • Ice Breath damage is now scaled by distance to the target
  • Improvements to situations where  Managarmrs float away
  • Whistle Follow or Whistle Stop will order the  Managarmr to stop their active ability and return to ground
  • Reduced Ice Breath freeze amount
  • Increased time between Freeze Debuffs
  • Fix for exploit related to  Rafts
  • Fix for exploit related to  Tek Gloves
  • Fix for exploit related to  Owl and babies
  • Fix for exploit related to  Owl
  • Fix for exploit related to  Desert Titan lightning
  • Environment memory improvements
  • SM4 rendering improvements
 Ice Titan
  • Have Ice Titan consider more targets as a leapable-enemy
 Desert Titan
  • Fix  Desert Titan sometimes freezing/refusing to move during boss fight
  • Fix  Desert Titan occassionaly flying out of world bounds
  • Untamed  Desert Titan ground targeted lightning attack will now have a variable delay
  • Removed Burning debuff that the lightning field puts on enemies
  • Reduced damage to structures from melee attacks
  • Added "Enable Mating" under Behavior dial on Dinos
  • Change dino hover UI to read "Enable Wander or Mating to Mate" instead of "Enable Wander to Mate"
  • Move chatbox down to lower left corner
  • Increase Bullet/Arrow stack size to 100 (from 50).
  • Reduced  Auto/ Heavy turret inventory size roughly 40%, to accommodate ammo stack change (results in slight increase of max # of bullets they can store)
  • Finish increasing tribe group rank limit from 5 to 10
  • A player can not accept alliance invites unless they are tribe admin
  • Alliance invites and new tribes added or removed from alliances is now logged in the Tribe Log.
  • Tooltips now contain the stats of the dino
  • Mating timer now advances while in a  Cryopod unless the  Cryopod is transferred, then it is reset to respect the new server's MatingIntervalMultiplier
  • Baby aging is paused while in a  Cryopod
  • Baby imprinting is paused while in a  Cryopod
  • Baby gestation is aborted when entering a  Cryopod
 Air Conditioner
  • Reduced Air Conditioning SFX radius
 Plant Species Y
  • No longer affects  Quetzal and  Karkinos
 Plant Species Z
  • Stun cooldown increased vs dinos, 5 seconds -> 7.5 seconds
  • Halve  Torpidity decrease rate
  • You can now struggle to get out of a  Bola faster
  • Added [ServerSettings] ItemStackSizeMultiplier to allow increasing or decreasing item stack size
  • Added [/script/shooterGame.shootergamemode] ConfigOverrideItemMaxQuantity to allow manually overriding item stack size on a per-item basis
Mesh Memory Optimizations
  •  Doedicurus
  •  Parasaur Saddle
  •  Rex Saddle
  •  Sauropod Saddles
  • Various Particle Meshes
Particle Memory Optimizations
  •  Dino Leash

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