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These mods are sponsored by ARK to help the developers working on their creations. For more information read this article.

Name Description Links
Call of the Wild The mod is centralized around the Call of the Wild Control Unit which summons a wave of various creatures every 2 - 4 hrs around the device with the sole purpose of ending your existence. Steam Workshop
Dragonpunk: Tribe of Gods Adds new creatures to ARK: Survival Evolved. Begining stages of the Dragonpunk: Tribe of God's Scorched Earth Total Conversion. Steam Workshop
Capitalism Series & PGM Role Selector Many mods which add a capitalist system to your ARK, loads of props involved, currency, a bounty system and more! Steam Workshop
Iso: Crystal Isles Welcome to the mystical and forgotten Iso: Crystal Isles. A land of mystery and wonder, an unmatched and unrivaled experience at every footstep. Crafted with the greatest determination and the utmost desire. Steam Workshop
Auction House This mod allows you to create, bid on, and buyout auctions for items, weapons, blueprints, item skins, etc, from players on your server or players on other servers. Modded items are supported! Steam Workshop
MRRadTools.INC Content Pack MRRadTools.Inc is a content mod for ARK. It adds a lot of new structures, such as large walls, gates, as well as decorative pieces for your base. It also includes some new custom made weapons and in the future we plan to add more structure pieces based on different technology tiers. As well as more decoration, great for RP Servers! Steam Workshop
Shigoislands Enter the world of Shigoislands with isles full of breathtaking mountain chains and vertiginous cliffed coasts. Explore the vast wilderness of the five islands where there is more than enough space to build up your new home, from a modest thatch village to a legendary metal fortress. Steam Workshop
Survival Plus ARK: Survival Plus aims to bring a more immersive survival experience to the game. To achieve this the mod adds hundreds of new items, new crafting structures and a more in-depth crafting system that utilises amongst others tools, world-based crafting, clay shaping, glass blowing and intermediate crafting components. Steam Workshop
Castles, Keeps, and Forts Medieval Architecture Over 60 new building parts added with this mod. Each building component once placed within the game world can have its material and appearence altered using the radial menu, leading to multiple configurations for you guys to build the castle, keep, or fortress of your dreams. But don't stop there, you can build houses, villages, towns, churches, bridges, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Steam Workshop
Structures & Platforms Plus Mods The Ultimate Building Mods! Adds lots of new building parts and Quality of live improvements. Steam Workshop
Steam Workshop
eco's Decorative & RP Mods Craft decorative market stalls, furniture, and plant trees, rocks, crystals, flowers, bushes, mushrooms, plants, and, more to create your own garden paradise! Also, lots of items for your RP (Role Play) servers! Steam Workshop
ARK Steampunk Mod Dr. Oswald had a vision, an idea to show the people of the island that anything is possible if given enough effort and time. This mod contains every single blueprint that Dr. Oswald has ever put to paper. During his final hours Oswald requested all of his schematics taken, copied, and distributed to anyone desired to follow footsteps. Steam Workshop
Zoology Zoology is a mod that changes how Dinos act and behave, how they interact with players and other dinos and adds a layer of in-game discovery based partially on the games fictional Dossier creator, Helena. Steam Workshop
Urban Death Match There is a decaying settlement like nothing else found on The Island! Even though it's builders have long since disappeared, enterprising survivors have powered up the generators and turned on the lights! The arena is set up as a reusable area for fighting, games, or any other event an admin would like to set up but comes with the ability to keep track of deaths for deathmatch. Steam Workshop