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Major version
X mark.svg No
Check mark.svg Yes
Oct 19, 2022
  • The  Fear Evolved 6 Event event will run from October 19th 1PM Pacific to November 2nd 1PM Pacific. See this thread for details: Community Crunch 335 - Official forums Unofficial server owners can activate the event by adding -ActiveEvent=FearEvolved to the launch arguments
  •  Fjordhawk balance pass:
    • Reduction to Fjordhawk flight speed when picking up death lootbags.
    • Increase time before Fjordhawk becomes invisible to 20 seconds.
    • One hour cooldown added on retrieval of player's inventory.
      • This can be overridden with server parameter: -MinimumTimeBetweenInventoryRetrieval=<TimeInSeconds>
    • Reduced base health and health per level gained on the Fjordhawk by approximately 40%
    • Added 2x damage multiplier from guns and projectiles.
    • Visual improvements will be added in the next major version for client display of the cooldown time.
  • Fixed multiple crashes.
  • Fixed several Exploits.