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Major version
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Aug 5, 2021
  • Fixed a bug where you could get inaccurate taming effectiveness on some creatures
  • Fixed  Megalodon gestation time (once again matches  Megaloceros)
  • Fixed some placement issues with some trophies
  • Fixed some cases where certain  Explorer Notes would not play when accessed via the  Explorer Notes UI
  • Fixed a bug where  HLNA crafting  Explorer Notes would not unlock when using different characters on the same account
  • Fixed some cases on Genesis: Part 1 where the  Explorer Notes would not unlock properly on the server
  • Fixed a case where wild  Snow Owls wouldn't be able to attack
  • Fixed  HLNA opacity settings not affecting her movement SFX
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't craft  TEK Replicator on Genesis: Part 1
  • Fixed a bug where players could move  Netted Creatures
  • Fixed some cases where the  Noglin could attach in cases it shouldn't, and some cases where after a  Noglin has attached it would be in a broken state.
  • Fixed a bug on the Starwing Strike mission where your camera could get stuck using a gamepad
  • Fixed a case where players sometimes did not get their race creatures/canoe.
  • Fixed a bug where some saddle engrams were missing from their respective crafting stations
  • Fixed a bug where some items with overlays would cause serious visual issues in split screen
  • Fixed a bug where defeating  King Kaiju wouldn't display on your  implant
  • Fixed a bug where  Baryonyx wouldn't regenerate health on killing fish
  • Fixed a bug with  Brontosaurus IK
  • Fixed some level design related bugs such as holes, floating foliage, incorrect volumes, incorrect damage multipliers.
  • Fixed a bug where players would be unable to remount the  Voidwyrm if the player was killed during the taming process
  • Fixed a bug causing visual artifacts in water
  • Fixed a bug where some wild creatures wouldn't be able to damage each other
  • Fixed a bug where you wouldn't be able to use '0000' as a valid pin on  Pressure Plates &  TEK Sensors
  • Fixed a bug where  Lamp Post,  Omni Lights, and  TEK Lights were having their options reset when you would leave stasis/render distance
  • Fixed a bug which allowed the Zero G buff to persist outside of the space biome
  • Fixed & protected against multiple exploits
  • Fixed & protected against multiple server and client crashes
  • Fixed some server stalls
  • Fixed some cases where players could get into a desync state
  • Fixed a bug which caused unclaimed baby dino corposes to fall through the map when killed
  • Fixed a bug where  Shadowmane could do higher than intended damage in some cases
  • Fixed a bug where turrets that were powered by the "Copy Settings" feature would not automatically turn back on when the generator they were powered by was refueled.
  • Fixed a bug which made players unable to use the  TEK Sword charge ability when the  Shoulder Cannon was equipped
  • Fixed some false positive anti-mesh detection
  • Fixed some cases where certain structures were not respecting Tribe Rank Rules
  • Fixed a bug where the  Egg Incubator would not display stats for certain creature eggs, such as the  Bloodstalker and  Megachelon
  • Fixed a bug where  Cryopod UI would display incorrectly display hidden colour regions
  • Fixed a bug which prevented  TEK Skiffs from being crafted due to nearby  Voidwyrms
  • Fixed a bug which prevented resources from respawning due to nearby  Voidwyrms
  • Fixed a bug which caused  Gacha's to provide the wrong  fungal wood
  • Fixed some more edge cases where  Noglins' could still fly certain flying creatures under water
  • Fixed some more edge cases where mission data could have been lost
  • Prevented being able to drop eggs in the non-overworld Mission zones (such as Survive The ARK)
  • Fixed some exploits
  • Fixed some server and client crashes
  • Fixed some VO Bugs
  • Fixed some PVE exploits
  • Fixed a bug where the  Noglin chibi was always in its default animation
  • Fixed a bug where Genesis: Part 1 Missions could not be tracked
  • Fixed a bug where the  Mini Gun would reset to primitive quality after server restarts
  • Unofficials can now enable additional dupe protection using the following commandline:
    • -UseItemDupeCheck (Note: this could have an impact on mods, so use with caution)
  • 6x Structure Damage has been removed from vents on Genesis: Part 2
  • Exintction Explorer Note #21 has been moved so it is no longer in the mesh
  • Prevented being able to build through  Mission Dispatcher on Genesis: Part 2
  • Significantly reduced the delay when transferring items between inventories or dropping items on the ground (a side effect of a crash and stall related fix from the previous patch)
  •  Noglins can attach to flyers and use them in non-flyzones but not underwater
  •  Net immunity cooldown increased from 10 seconds to 30 seconds
  • When releasing a dino from a  cryopod on servers using bEnableCryopodNerf, the creature will not be able to be  netted for the duration of that buff. On Official PvP, this is set to 10 seconds.
  •  Plant Species R decay timer has been increased to 20 days
  •  Tek Sensors and canvas now respect enemy foundation range
  • Made some tweaks to the Starwing Strike race so it can no longer be completed without moving the  Astrodelphis.
  • Creatures spawned by Hunt Missions can no longer be  netted
  • Made some balance tweaks to Trap and Hunt missions to reduce overall difficulty
  • Race missions prep time has been doubled
  •  Shadowmane can no longer jump/blink when it has  C4 attached to it (similarly to the  Managarmr)
  • Updated some text string to be more accurate
  • Two new admin commands:
    • Cheat AddChibiExp <HowMuch>
    • Cheat AddChibiExpToPlayer <PlayerID> <HowMuch>