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Client build number
Major version
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Jun 30, 2021
  •  Summer Bash is now live! For more details: Community Crunch 273
  • Re-added missing cosmetic items from a previous event.
  • Reduced the Lazer range of the  Astrodelphis (does not affect mission version of Astrodelphis)
  •  Astrodelphis Lazers now respect armor when applying damage (does not affect mission version of Astrodelphis)
  • Adjusted  Mantis Feeding to prevent it from starving when fed  Rhino Horns.
  • Fixed cases where the "hacking" mini game could fail incorrectly when taming the  Stryder, and also made it more reliable on all servers.
  • Fixed  TEK Generator enemy placement radius being too low on PVP.
  • Fixed a case where  Cryopods were being destroyed when releasing cryopoded-creatures.
  • Fixed & protected against multiple exploits.
  • Copy Dino Settings now only applies to dinos of the same type/variant (i.e Parasaur, X-Parasaur, etc)
  • Copy Dino Settings now has a timer and release, akin to unclaiming a creature, to prevent accidental usage.
  • Fixed multiple crashes.
  • Fixed a bug where turrets wouldn't shoot unclaimed creatures.
  •  TEK Pistol has reduced damage when used against boss monsters
  •  Velonasaur spawns have been updated on GEN2 to use the  R-Velonasaur
  • Mission  Net Ammo no longer works on non-mission creatures.
  • Fixed a bug where only the boss fight starter would be teleported to the boss fight and other players wouldn't be.