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Soul Terminal
Soul Terminal.png

A place to store goods in with unique soul features. - Drag Body (G) toggles snapping

Item slots
Stack size
Spawn Command
cheat gfi SoulTerminal_DS 1 0 0
cheat giveitem "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/DinoStorage2/SoulTerminal_DS.SoulTerminal_DS'" 1 0 0
Crafted in


A very useful automation item. Provides storage, as well as many of the benefits of having dinos outside left on wander, without impacting server performance. The availability of automation options will be determined by your server settings. Automation is not enabled by default on servers.

Poop Generation

Creatures that normally poop when outside the terminal will continue to do so inside when enabled.

This is distinguished from misc poop by the ability to convert it into fertilizer; if a dino poops something and you can convert it to fertilizer, it's poop generation.

Only adults poop. (Keep in mind even as adults, not all dinos do)

Poop formula

Successful Check (Fuel Consumed If Using Fuel)

(Poop Interval × WC Poop Multiplier) ÷ Ovi Multiplier = Poop Rate

(Check Interval ÷ Poop Rate) × Poop Multiplier = Chance To Poop (Can Go Above 100%)

Misc Poop Generation

Creatures that normally poop when outside the terminal will continue to do so inside when enabled.

This is distinguished from poop because you cannot convert it into fertilizer.

Misc poop formula

Successful Check (Fuel Consumed If Using Fuel)

(Poop Interval × WC Poop Multiplier) ÷ Ovi Multiplier = Poop Rate

(Check Interval ÷ Poop Rate) × Poop Multiplier = Chance To Poop (Can Go Above 100%)


Oviraptor soul presence will boost production values of eggs, poop and misc poop. Only 1 is needed for max effect.

All types of automation are completely dynamic (will work with all mod dinos) except for Passive generation, for which support must be manually added. This means only a limited number of mod dinos can have passive generation support. For an incomplete list see below.

Generated Resources in the terminal

Resource Creature(s) Type of automation
 Achatina Paste  Achatina passive generation and misc poop generation
 Amarberry Seed  Megachelon passive generation
 Azulberry Seed  Megachelon passive generation
 Element Shard  Tek Stryder misc poop generation
 Organic Polymer  Achatina passive generation
 Oil (Tusoteuthis)  Basilosaurus and  Tusoteuthis passive generation
 Rare Flower  Megachelon passive generation
 Rare Mushroom  Megachelon passive generation
 Silica Pearls  Phoenix misc poop generation
 Snow Owl Pellet  Snow Owl poop generation
Kraken's Better Dinos — please see the KBD Guide for more information. external link
 Angler Gel  Anglerfish passive generation
Bio Oil (Oil substitute)  Basilosaurus, Any KBD Tek creature passive generation (Basilo) misc poop generation (Tek)
 Bio Toxin  Cnidaria passive generation
 Black Pearls  Eurypterid passive generation
Diseased Bile (Consume to gain Swamp Fever)  Diseased Leech passive generation
 Leech Blood  Leech and  Diseased Leech passive generation
Lymantria Spores (Fertilizer substitute)  Lymantria misc poop generation
Mammalian Milk Female  Megaloceros,  Ovis,  Phiomia passive generation
 Oil  Trilobite passive generation
 Primal Crystal Female  Blood Crystal Wyvern,  Ember Crystal Wyvern and  Tropical Crystal Wyvern passive generation
Scorpion Venom (Narcotic substitute)  Pulmonoscorpius passive generation
 Silica Pearls  Eurypterid and  Trilobite passive generation
 Silk  Lymantria passive generation
 Titanoboa Venom  Titanoboa passive generation
 Wyvern Milk Female  Fire Wyvern,  Ice Wyvern,  Lightning Wyvern and  Poison Wyvern passive generation
No Untameables — please see the No Untameables Guide for more information. external link
 Ammonite Bile  Ammonite passive generation
 Bio Toxin  Cnidaria  X-Jug Bug passive generation
 Black Pearls  Eurypterid passive generation
 Element Dust  Element Jug Bug passive generation
 Mutagel  R-Jug Bug passive generation
 Nameless Venom  Nameless passive generation
 Oil  Oil Jug Bug passive generation
 Silica Pearls  Eurypterid passive generation

KBD Coelacanth Generation

The  Coelacanth (KBD) passively produces random items from the following list: Sap, Cementing Paste, Silica Pearls, Organic Polymer, Charcoal, Scrap Metal, Stone Arrows, Tranq Arrows, Metal Arrows, Tranq Darts, all types of berry, Biotoxin, Leech Blood, Ammonite Bile, Squid Oil, Angler Gel, Sulfur, Sand, Crystal, Obsidian, Clay, Ambergris, Plant Species X, Y, and Z Seeds, and Absorbant Substrate. Please note: due to a bug, the resources produced in the terminal differ from this list.

Ini Options

Place your Dino Storage ini in the gameusersettings.ini file under the [DinoStorage2] header

Ini Options — Automation

Ini Options — Basic Automation

Option Default Possible Values Description
EnableFertEggCollection false false/true Automatically picks up nearby Fertilized Eggs
EnableIncubation false false/true Passively incubates fertilized eggs in its inventory to 1/100 Egg Incubation
EnableEggGeneration false false/true Passively generates eggs from creatures within the terminal. This REQUIRES a male for most species
EnablePassiveGeneration false false/true Passively generates resources usually produced by creatures within the terminal. See list above
EnableMiscPoopGeneration false false/true Passively generate resources usually defecated by creatures within the terminal, excluding feces. See list above
EnablePoopGeneration false false/true Passively generate feces usually defecated by creatures within the terminal
EnablePoopConversion false false/true Passively converts feces into Fertilizer and Oil. Requires Dung Beetles. Fertilizer can be automatically distributed to nearby Crop Plots
EnableFruitSeeding false false/true Passively converts berries into seeds. Requires Iguanodon
EnableWoolGeneration false false/true Passively produces wool. Requires Ovis
EnableHoneyGeneration false false/true Passively produces honey. Requires Queen Bee
EnableAllGeneration false false/true Enables all automation options with "generation" in their name

Ini Options — Advanced Automation

Option Default Possible values Description
AutomationFuelCounter 1 >= 1 controls after how many automation cycles fuel is needed
TerminalCheckInterval 60.0 >= 60.0 how often the terminal checks for new items to be generated/picked up. Increasing this does not hinder rates, but may improve server performance. Value is in seconds
AutomationItemBlacklist N/A short blueprint path separated by comma, see Item IDs what items are not allowed to be generated with automation. Example: AutomationItemBlacklist=/Game/Genesis2/CoreBlueprints/Environment/Mutagen/PrimalItemConsumable_Mutagel.PrimalItemConsumable_Mutagel would prevent mutagel from being produced in the terminal
DistributeFertilizerRange 30.0 > 0.0 - 100.0 range to distribute fertilizer to plots. Value is foundation lengths
DistributePelletRange 30.0 > 0.0 - 100.0 range to distribute pellets to Gachas. Value is foundation lengths
IncubationMultiplier 2.0 > 0.0 Multiplier for fertilized eggs incubation
OviBonusMultiplier 1.5 >= 1.0 Multiplier for Oviraptor egg/poop interval bonuses
PickUpableEggsOnly false false/true terminal will only pick up eggs that are able to be picked up
PoopConvertSpeed 1.05 > 0.0 Multiplier for dung beetle poop conversion rates
TerminalAutomationFuel N/A short blueprint path of fuel:amount of fuel to be consumed (see Item IDs, separated by comma) Creates a fuel requirement for all automation. Example: TerminalAutomationFuel=/Game/PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/Resources/PrimalItemResource_Gasoline.PrimalItemResource_Gasoline:6 would make the terminal require gasoline as fuel
TerminalEggMultiplier 1.05 > 0.0 Multiplier for egg generation rates
TerminalHoneyMultiplier 1.05 > 0.0 Multiplier for honey generation rates
TerminalMiscPoopMultiplier 1.05 > 0.0 Multiplier for misc poop generation rates
TerminalNeedsPower false false/true Automation features will require tek gen power if this is used standalone, otherwise optional if fuel is defined.
TerminalPassiveMultiplier 1.05 > 0.0 Multiplier for passive generation rates
TerminalPoopMultiplier 1.05 > 0.0 Multiplier for poop generation rates
TerminalWoolMultiplier 1.05 > 0.0 Multiplier for wool generation rates

Official Guide

See the official Dino Storage v2 Guide for the most up-to-date information.