Mjolnir Skin

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Mjolnir Skin
Mjolnir Skin.png

A mighty hammer fit for a god, thrumming with the fury of thunder itself!

Apply this item to a  TEK sword to change it into Mjolnir!
Requires the TEK sword engram to use.
Requires Level 190 to use.
Requires defeating  Fenrisúlfr (Alpha) to use.

Spawn Command
cheat gfi Mjolnir 1 0 0
cheat giveitem "Blueprint'/Game/Fjordur/Items/Mjolnir/PrimalItem_WeaponTekSword_Mjolnir.PrimalItem_WeaponTekSword_Mjolnir'" 1 0 0

The Mjolnir Skin is a skin in the Fjordur DLC. It can be applied to any  Tek Sword to give it a Mjolnir look as well as it giving off electricity and unique abilities.


It is obtained by defeating the  Fenrisúlfr on Alpha difficulty.


In order to be used must know the  Tek Sword tekgram, have level 190, and have defeated Alpha Fenrisúlfr. Attempting to wield Mjolnir without meeting the requirement for the survivor will result in the message "You are not yet worthy to wield Mjolnir."

While equipping  Tek Sword with the skin on it, several additional abilities can be used aside from its usual Tek Charge and melee attack.

  • Right click throws the hammer in the direction faced. Right-clicking again recalls the hammer back to hand.
    • While the hammer is on the ground, Left control will call thunder from the air, launching a huge AoE thunder wave around the hammer. It deals more damage the closer the target is.
  • Holding Left control unleashes a wave of electrical surges in front. This can hit multiple targets at once.


  • Mjolnir was originally part of the mod and was dropped by the Desert Titan. The official appearance may differ slightly from the one in the mod.
  • Mjolnir, along with all of  Federation Exo Skin parts, are the only skins that can be placed on a TEK equipment.
  • With the highest requirement for any boss or item, Mjolnir on a Tek Sword holds the highest requirement to be able to wield it.
  • Mjolnir does not require Element to function, thus allowing you to use it indefinitely until the durability is depleted.
  • it is not advised to get this skin as it requires defeating all bosses getting chibi level 5 and getting at least 100 runes. Unless you want to flex