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During the Imprinting process, requesting a specific food item is one of three types of care baby dinos want.

It is decided randomly which specific consumable is requested, however, the baby will always request one of the types of Consumable in the list below. This means it will never request any type of items that is not on the list.

When imprinting a creature, it is advised to have the kibbles and Meat types in this list at hand to be prepared for all potential requests of the creature.

  • Wyvern will only ask for Wyvern Milk if it requests for a "comfort food".
  • Rock Drake will only ask for Cuddles.

As of v293.100, the Imprinting list has been updated with quality-based  Kibbles,  Meats, and  Berries.

Higher quality  Kibble can be used in place of lower quality  Kibble.

Comfort Food List

Other Food


Rock Drake
Crystal Wyvern

Outdated Requested Kibble Types

Outdated (except on Nintendo Switch) Requested Kibble Types (Island/Center)

Outdated Requested Kibble Types (Scorched Earth)

Possible Requested Kibble Types (Ragnarok)

Babies in Ragnarok share the possible requested Kibble for Island and Scorched Earth

Outdated Requested Kibble Types (Aberration)

Outdated Requested Food Types (Extinction)