Fabricated Pistol

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Fabricated Pistol
Fabricated Pistol.png

This advanced pistol gains a high rate of fire and a large magazine size by sacrificing stopping power.

Ammo used
Melee damage
Ranged damage
Rate of fire
Magazine size
Reload time
1.45 seconds
160.5 / 250
Single use
Found in Supply Crate
Spawn Command
cheat giveitemnum 240 1 0 0
cheat gfi MachinedPistol 1 0 0
cheat giveitem "Blueprint'/Game/PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/Weapons/PrimalItem_WeaponMachinedPistol.PrimalItem_WeaponMachinedPistol'" 1 0 0
Required level
Engram points
18 EP
Crafting XP
140 XP
Required stations


The Fabricated Pistol is a more advanced version of the  Simple Pistol. Even though the Fabricated Pistol has the second lowest damage per shot of any gun in the game, it makes up for this in various ways:

  • The Fabricated Pistol uses  Advanced Bullet which is the cheapest kind of ammunition in the game.
  • The Fabricated Pistol has a larger magazine size than all guns, except the  Assault Rifle and the  Tek Rifle.
  • The Fabricated Pistol has no weapon sway which makes it easier to hit shots from a long distance.

Durability is consumed at 0.1 per shot. The engram pistol has 210 durability therefore it can shoot 2,100 shots before needing to be repaired. The Fabricated Pistol can deal 105,000 ranged damage per 2,100 shots and 650 ranged damage per magazine, meaning it deals the most total ranged damage (ie: from newly crafted to when it breaks and needs repairs,) of any pistol in the game.

Fabricated pistol is a good weapon while taming or farming due to its weight of only 2.5 units, making it the the lightest weapon in the game. Also, its good fire rate and decent damage help in most situations.


To activate the  Flashlight or  Laser, the default key is N.


  • Attaching a flashlight to the weapon adds the most utility out of the attachments available as it is lightweight, and with how short the view model is, gives the flashlight the widest projection cone, making it a great weapon for Dungeon crawling.
  • The weapon is functionally fully automatic.
  • In addition to being the most lightweight ranged weapon in the game, its ammunition is cheap with 1 Ingot and 3 gunpowder to make three rounds. This also makes it the most economical and easy to mass-produce.
  • It is important to note that due to it's low damage it is often swapped for more lethal weapons such as the  Crossbow considering a Survivor at Level 55 likely would have invested many points into  Weight already. it's lightweight can be considered to just not be worth it.
    • A  Simple Pistol can be better in terms of damage and higher quality versions are easier to find compared to the Fabricated Pistol. The only significant difference is Magazine Capacity and Ammo Crafting. being Gunpowder.png × 6 Metal Ingot.png × 1 for 2 Simple Bullets compared to 3 Gunpowder for 3 Advanced Bullets
    • In Addition a Simple Pistol excels at quickly dispatching Enemy Dinos with 6 rounds instead of 13. and can be turned into a lightweight sniper "rifle" for pesky  Ichthyornis.
  • With Creatures generally having more health than the average survivor it can take longer to kill dinosaurs and subsequently more Ammo and thus gunpowder to kill the beast as such it is better suited towards opposing Survivors as even a  Compy can just be killed off with a pike or sword.
  • The fabricated pistol does not experience damage fall-off and has a range equal to that of every other firearm which is effectively Max render distance for dinos. This makes it a great companion weapon when your main weapon is a closer ranged weapon such as a shotgun or flamethrower.
  • The Genesis Part 1 Gauntlet variant holds 15 rounds instead of 13. It's meager damage makes it quickly irrelevant, however in the first few rounds it is the only weapon capable of engaging targets at a medium range as opposed to the short range of the Gauntlet variant pump-shotgun. It can only be found in the early rounds of the volcanic biome's Gauntlet mission.
  • The fabricated pistol appears to have been based on the real world FN five-seven.


Patch  ARK: Survival Evolved Changes
218.0  Holo Scope can now be equipped on the Fabricated Pistol.