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Released - 3 February, 2017

  • Fixed memory leak and performance overhead associated with low-level Timers. Recommend servers upgrade to this version!
  • Element no longer spoils, and bosses drop approximately 33% more Element.
  • Increased damage of Tek Projectiles and reduced Element cost.
  • All Tek armor has had its durability pushed up from 120 to 300 (In line with a good piece of Journeyman Equipment. This was just an oversight on our part, they were always meant to be more durable!)
  • Tek Pants ability no longer consumes element when coming into contact with/destroying the destructible foliage, and uses the original amount of element for running over time.
  • Added a new Wild NPC Stasis Range scaling-for-player-count option to scale server performance for more players (requires inputting into INI, not commandline), example: