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Released - 27 August 2015

  • 203.1: Gates & Gate Foundations no longer get destroyed when attached to fence foundations (fence foundations are considered valid support for them now).
  • Falling vaults don't float on wires anymore and they can fall multiple times now
  • Sotf notifications now show up to 4 tribesmates on the tribe eliminated notification, if a sotf server is set to allow 4-player tribes.
  • Defaulted max tamed dinos to 5000 up from 3700
  • Blueprint cost overrides now are used correctly for reals.
  • Spraygun now uses paint up properly
  • Ptero now drops its carried character if it barrel rolls
  • Now craft-all is limited to 100 iterations to avoid craft-all spam stalls. convenient enough for now ;)
  • A dino that was ridden will now take fall damage once if it was unboarded in mid-air.
  • Door interaction shouldn't get stuck anymore on client
  • Player-level-up multipliers are now used properly when respawning
  • Ptero don't allow barrelrolling when encumbered
  • Torpored doedicurus will now exit ball-state properly
  • Glasses now correctly placed on doedicurus
  • All mammoth attacks now will harvest properly
  • Fixed a rare server crash involving pickupable structures (sleeping bags, turrets, etc)
  • Support for Giant Moon Meteor Extinction Event!

Patch size: 107 MB