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Plant Species Z
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Plant Species Z is a plant in the Aberration DLC of ARK: Survival Evolved.

The Plant Species Z can be grown by putting  Plant Species Z Seeds in a  Large Crop Plot. The seeds can be found at wild Plant Species Z plants.

Once fully grown, it produces  Plant Species Z Fruits, which act as a flash-bang grenade that blind both survivors and creatures for a few seconds. Unlike the Plant Species X, it is not a defensive plant and can't shoot projectiles.

Standing near the plant (both wild and plot) causes it to glow and scare away any creatures that are frightened by light. Furthermore, wild variants restore and revitalize any player and tamed dinos nearby if they have not been hurt or handcuffed for the last 5 minutes. (Due to game mechanics this is not effective on baby creatures). If players stay nearby the plant will retreat its tentacle every 70 seconds and expel a single fruit; collecting it provides one Plant Species Z seed. If all players leave the vicinity for several seconds the countdown will reset; otherwise it will continue producing fruit at the same interval as long as at least one player is nearby.


The Plant Species Z grows the same as any other plot-based plant, consuming both water and fertilizer to grow.

The following items can be used as fertilizer: Table of Fertilizer


Wild Plant Species Z.jpg
  • A common mistake many survivors make is believing the wild plants to be dangerous. They are perfectly safe and the plant will not harm the player, tames, or any other creature in close proximity to it (It will scare away creatures that are negatively affected by light however). In fact it is on the contrary as standing near the plant gives revitalization properties.
  • One of the safest locations for obtaining seeds is the plant that spawns at 30, 35.
  • In lore, Plant Species Z was one of Rockwell's side projects on studying the effect of charge on plants when he stumbled onto this plant. Rockwell gave the observations he made on the plant to the futuristic tribe survivors as a diversion from his main project: effects of Edmundium/Element on an organism as a whole.
  • There is currently a bug on Primitive Plus+ that prevents the survivor from placing plant species Z seeds in large crop plots (or any plots) effectively disabling the ability to grow your own Z plant on the map.
  • To spawn a wild Plant Species Z in front of character use cheat command: cheat summon structure_plantspeciesz_wild_c

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