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Данной статье требуется перевод. Вы можете помочь, расширив данную статью с помощью перевода на русский язык.

Released - October 15th, 2021 - Major version update


  • Reduced piercing damage from 85% to 65%.
  • Players grappled now get a 20 second immunity buff from being webbed by the Bloodstalker again
  • No longer unequips player’s melee weapon when webbed


  • Reduced Wyvern gained per level by approximately 20%
  • Reduced armor penetration on Lightning Wyvern beam attack by approx 20%
  • Buffed Fire Wyvern, пкм, Xbox: LT, PS4: L2 attack by approx 30%
  • Prevented Voidwyrm from performing пкм, Xbox: LT, PS4: L2 unless mounted by a rider
  • Adjusted Wyvern base drag weight to match Crystal Wyverns so that they behave similarly against items that take this into consideration, such as the Net ammo. (Therefore Fire Wyvern, Lightning Wyvern, and Poison Wyvern can now be Netted).


  • Now targetable by Plant Species X
  • Takes reduced damage from Plant Species X when attached to a player

Net Ammo

  • Increased durability usage on Harpoon Launcher for net ammo specifically. Cost per net fired increased by approx 250%
  • Increased weight of weight ammo from 0.2 to 2.0


  • Prevented being dismounted from creature when you are buffed by the Mammoth
  • Mammoth war drummer now gets 40% damage mitigation whilst drumming


  • Reduced the range the stun attack can target horizontally by 20%
  • Increased the (holding пробел, Xbox: A, PS4: Cross) jump distance by 20%
  • Reduced how many targets the Shadowmane can chain stun when right-click is held to 7 targets from 15 targets
  • Increased cooldown of teleport attack from 4.5 seconds to 15 seconds and each target added increases the cooldown by 2 seconds rather than 1 second - Increased the length of the immunity buff after a player has been stunned by the Shadowmane from 30 seconds to 50 seconds.
  • Reduced passive creature armor from 124 to 80 and reduces its armor gained per level by 35%

Global Stun Immunity Buff
The following dismounts will now respect an overriding dismount immunity buff when the effect is created by any of the following creatures and items:

  • Voidwyrm
  • Shadowmane
  • Net Gun
  • Flashbang

Miscellaneous Balance

  • Prevented the Exo-Mek from filling turrets that have recently fired
  • Increased Megalosaurus damage with the night time buff by approx 25%
  • Increased Tek Turret HP by 100%

Quality of Life and Misc.

  • Increased slots on the Industrial Grinder from 60 to 120
  • Expanded the Cloning Chamber register range by 3x
  • Reduced Tek Surveillance Console Stack Size from 100 to 5
  • Display a HUD (whilst holding неизвестная команда, смотрите Шаблон:Управление для просмотра вероятных значений) with Tek Gauntlets equipped displaying player location and upload timer
  • Increased Magmasaur’s smelting output by 100%
  • Allowed Mining Drill to harvest underwater
  • Enabled auto-harvest on Ankylosaurus
  • Enabled breeding on Rock Drake
  • Enabled breeding on Achatina

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed some exploits
  • Fixed a bug where Stryders and Meks would not regain Health in stasis
  • Fixed a bug where Mek modules would lose durability when released from Cryopod
  • Two new admin commands:
    • cheat drainwater <number>
    • cheat drainfood <number>
  • Fixed a bug where the Tek Dedicated Storage would ignore stack modifiers in server config files
  • Fixed a bug where caused Plant Z to no longer heal dinos
  • Fixed a bug where Soap would remove textures from some structures
  • Fixed a bug where Cosmetics on the Shadowmane would not retain their colour