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Mod Caballus logo.png This article is about the mod Caballus.
This content is only available by installing the mod on a server or on single player.
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Unofficial Map for ARK with beautiful environment, stunning places, treasures instead of air drops and special dino variants
Mod author
Workshop ID
Release date
March 11th, 2019
100% complete
Mod Caballus logo.png

Caballusは、Doudelによって開発され、完全に完成されたARK: Survival Evolved用の愛情を込めて作られたマップです。メインテーマはエクウス(馬)ですが、このマップの魅力は馬だけではありません。細部へのこだわり、数々の発見や秘密、息をのむような難解な洞窟、胸がときめくような建築スポットなどなど。自分の目で確かめて、たてがみで風を感じよう!

Caballus カスタムマップ - 乗馬の旅


Mod ID = 1679826889
For Command Lines: Caballus_P


The Map has reached status: complete 100%
The surface is 100% complete and fully playable. The ocean is 100% complete and fully playable. Nearly all dinos are available. 17 Dungeon Caves are available; you can fight against the Island Bosses. You can explore the special features of Caballus!

Following this page, Caballus is explained in more detail, and you will learn about all the special secrets of the equestrian journey.

For spontaneous players, follow the download link on Steam:
Steam Workshop



Caballus、特別な突然変異の恐竜が登場 - コレクターや馬好きに最適!Steamでの作品!

  • Horse
    • そのままの名前の『馬』
    • 1つのBluePrint -繁殖可能で、仲間を増やすことができる。
    • 38の可能なパターン、荒野で同じ馬を見つけることはほとんど不可能!
    • 他のマップの追加MODとして利用可能
    • 全体マップで見つけることができる
  • The Shimmer Equus
    • 煌びやかに輝く
    • 4つの異なるパターン
    • より速く
    • 陽炎の森とFertileDoom (AB)で発見可能
  • The Shimmer Unicorn
    • きらめきと輝き
    • プライドの角とプライドのうんこ - おいしい!
    • レアで、SunkenGardenで見つけられる。
    • 本当に速い
  • The Caballus Griffin
    • 新しいパターン
    • 繁殖可能
    • 全マップに点在
  • The Shimmer Griffin
    • 新しい外観ときらめき
    • 繁殖可能
    • 通常のグリフィンより大きい
    • スピードアップ可能
    • Griffin Strongholdで発見可能
  • God Horses
    • 非常識な外見
    • 特殊能力
    • 召喚可能(儀式の設計図)
    • ダイヤモンドで手懐ける
    • 繁殖不可
    • 儀式の設計図は神々の洞窟で入手可能


  • Ruins of the equestrian folks with variety of beautiful statues
  • オベリスクなし(コスメティックアセットのみ) - ARK TERMINALS AVAILABLE
  • 新しい葉が生い茂る、リアルで美しいデザインの環境
  • 広大な大地と海の世界
  • プレイヤーのスポーンでのサドルバッグとして初心者戦利品ボックス
  • 非常識なワイバーン海溝とワイバーン洞窟
  • 供給品クレートがなく、地表のTEKが少ない - 完璧なロールプレイ(RP)マップ
  • Islandのボスが利用可能


  • たてがみに風を感じるバックグラウンドストーリー
  • カスタム戦利品システム - 非常識な戦利品を持つ宝物
  • すべてのエングラムを学習可能
  • 恐竜の最大レベルは150(Ragnarokのように)

White Birch Mountainの下に広がる、見たこともない大きなバイオーム

  • 水のAberration: 崩壊した大西洋世界をテーマにしたAberration。
  • Extinctionの要素と融合。
  • ストーリーの背景: エイリアン(ARK)とTEKの隠された重要な秘密
  • DLCの恐竜と資源を実装
  • ロックドレイクとリーパーが利用可能。
  • 紫色の財宝(レア資源とTEK)追加

ユニークなバイオーム: The Black Wideness (黒曜石)

  • 大きなダム(廃墟)のある見たことのないバイオーム
  • 砂漠バイオームのようなディノスポーンと資源
  • 木炭を落とす木とブラックメタルノード


  • 品質系統:緑-青-黄-赤-紫
  • ドア枠の設計図など、くだらないものはない。
  • 極端な良い戦利品のための紫色の宝物バリアント
  • DLCサドル、武器、道具、防具の設計図、レア資源、TEK

Special Supply Crates/Foliage (like the Giant Beaver Dam from Ragnarok)

  • The Anthill (供給品クレート),フン、肥料、レアキノコ、レアフラワーをドロップする
  • Pure Flintstones (Foliage) - 黄土色の石、火打石のみを養殖する
  • キノコ - オレンジ色のキノコ
  • 結晶化した赤い樹液の赤いメタルノード
  • 農耕可能な(植物のような)Z植物 - Zシードを落とす
  • ファーム可能(アサ) - レアフラワーを落とす
  • ファーム可能 - ダイヤモンド
  • ファーム可能 - 蹄鉄


Caballusのユニークな戦利品システム - トレジャー

CaballusではAir Dropsの代わりに、ARK: Survival Evolvedとは異なる戦利品システムであるトレジャーを見つけることができる。トレジャーは背景の物語によりマッチしているし、本当に良い戦利品が含まれている。

  • トレジャーの質も高く、上位のアイテムや設計図が手に入ることも多い。
  • トレジャーの内容を変更し、ドア枠の設計図のようなアイテムをなくした。
  • 品質は、緑-青-黄-赤(水中)-紫。
  • トレジャーにはDLCマップの設計図も入っている: 例えば、鞭やサドル(雪フクロウ)の設計図など。
  • トレジャーには、Csikos Diamond、Huns Diamons、Scythen Diamondも含まれている。


トレジャー 緑





トレジャー 青





トレジャー 黄





トレジャー 赤(海底)





トレジャー 紫






  • Gas(?)



Contains all Apex Drops, for example Boa Skin. Caballusの探索に必要な蹄鉄も含まれている。



Regions of Caballus

Caballus is a world born out of the heat.

Grown from lava, cooled and hardened in the wild sea. The largest of the Caballic islands. The still intact volcano formed a multi-faceted world with a variety of biomes, recourses and lives over millennia. Not long was this piece of earth left uninhabited. Ancient nomads first reached the coast of neighbouring islands, until they discovered the richness of resources of Caballus. The different nations were all equestrian folks: numerous, with strength and war experience; always with the goals of reaching wealth and making progress. They changed Caballus a lot, but as a completely new world Caballus turned everything upside down. New creatures were fought, nations continued their education, domestication started, new battles had to be won and leaders were overthrown. But who has remained?

Greed is a sin: Caballus stayed with the wild creatures, remaining horses, ruins and hidden treasures. Were they the first? Even this civilization did not discover all the secrets of this graceful lovely world.

What's your decision?

Cooperation or war?

Which of the equestrian peoples suits your character?

Three nations fought for Caballus:

The Blue Scythians, who populated the areas of Griffin Mountain, Redwood and the area covered with snow.

The Green Huns, which conquered the grassland, the swamp and the jungle.

Finally the Red Csíkos who managed the impetuous and threatening volcano area with the Black Widen and the Steppe.

Current Content

Caballus has the following content at the moment:

  • exciting background story
  • Beginner Loot in form of SaddleBags (Crates) at every Player Spawn
  • Treasures with insane loot instead of air drops
  • special dino variants (see above)
  • summonable god horses
  • A lot of Biomes:
  • Griffin Mountain (medium)
  • White Birch Mountain (hard)
  • Jungle (medium)
  • Swamp (medium)
  • Beach (easy)
  • Steppe (easy)
  • Black Wideness (hard) with a little grotto with Light Dinos (AB) in it
  • Volcano AND a Wyvern Trench, combined with the Black Beach Biome
  • Snow and Redwood Biome (hard) --> this biomes have subbiomes
  • Aberration of Water (AB Biome)
  • Ocean biome
  • 17 stunning dungeon caves
  • the equus variants (available as a own mod!)

  • a created terrain with world creator --> Mountains look like mountains in the distance
  • new textures --> the result are unique biomes
  • all The Island dino spawns, Desertspawns from SE and Aberration spawns, some spawns from Extinction (Managamar, Gacha, Snow Owl, Velo) and Genesis (Ferox, Magamasaur, Bloodstalker)
  • bigger than The Island - Caballus has an ocean
  • a lot of little caves you can build in
  • all important resources
  • beautiful statues of Ark dinos
  • ruins of the equestrian nation
  • monuments instead of the ARK Obelisks, of course the Terminals are available
  • Loot out of treasures!
  • a lot of dungeon caves with artifacts
  • a really nice Jump and Run Cave
  • a underwater cave
  • an Adventure
  • a findable easter egg



Download the Map and you will see the beauty of all biomes!

Caballus Dungeon Caves

Caballus has 17 Dungeon Caves. At the end you find artifacts!


  • Flying in dungeon caves is not allowed and cannot be allowed via IniSettings.
  • You cannot use Kyropods in the caves.
  • You cannot use a tek suit in most caves.
  • Grappling hooks also do not work in some caves.
  • Almost all caves have an entrance and an exit. The exit is a one-sided wall, which means that going out works, but you can't go in anymore!
  • Many caves contain traps, mechanics and puzzles.

At the end you will find the artifacts that are necessary for bosses, the Caballus Adventure or the God Horses!

  • Swamp/Spider Cave - 71 / 09 - Artifact of Cunning
  • Ice Cave - 21 / 10 - Artifact of Strong
  • Desert Cave - 68 / 84 - Artifact of Immune
  • Sanctuary Cave - 53 / 17 - Artifact of Devourer
  • Redwood/ Gold Cave - 21 / 48 - Artifact of Pack
  • Jungle Cave - 71 / 40 - Artifact of Clever
  • Underwater Cave - 98 / 13 - Artifact of Massive
  • Jump and Run Cave - 34 / 93 - Artifact of Skylord
  • Wyvern Cave - 6 / 28 - Artifact of Brute
  • Dam Cave - 50 / 80 - Artifact of Hunter
  • Griffin Stronghold Cave - 53 / 11 or 52 / 12 - Artifact of the Crag
  • The Sunken Garden Cave - 51 / 75 - Artifact of the Gatekeeper
  • Flesh Caverns Cave - 10 / 79 - Artifact of the Destroyer
  • Shimmer Forest - 68 / 29 or 80 / 21 - No artifact - Home of the Secret Shimmer Equus
  • Skull Lagoon - 04 / 74 - Artifact of Growth
  • Frozen Hotsprings - 07 / 13 - Artifact of Void
  • Monkey Puzzle Temple - 70 / 89 - Artifact of Chaos
  • Gods Galaxy Caverns - 83 / 68 - Location of God Ritual Bps

Caballus Adventure and Custom Boss

As endgame content Caballus has an adventure and a custom MiniBoss fight.


The adventure can only be entered through the adventure portal at 17/74. You need several Tribute items to join the adventure and must be at least level 75.

Necessary Items:

  • 120 carrots
  • 1 Gatekeeper's Artifact (DungeonCave: The SunkenGarden)
  • 1 Artifact of Crag (DungeonCave: GriffinStronghold)
  • 1 Destroyer's Artifact (DungeonCave: FleshCaverns)
  • 10 ShimmerGriffin Feathers (farmable in the ShimmerGriffin Nests, or in a dead ShimmerGriffin's inventory)
  • 15 Horseshoes (in the Treasure, farmable in some places with E)
  • 1 Shimmer Unicorn Poop
  • 10 apples (in SunkenGarden Cave)

No dinosaurs are allowed in the adventure! It is advisable to travel with a group, or alone very well equipped! Once joined, you cannot exit the quest (only by dying or completing the quest). In the adventure itself you have to find four artifacts. The adventure is set up as a tube system, meaning an artifact can be found in the first room (treasure chamber), an artifact can be found in the second room (labyrinth), an artifact can be found in the third room (lava room) and an artifact can be found in the fourth room (water room) there is an artifact to be found. You need this to return to the surface at the terminal in the middle of the lava room! But don't forget the reward beforehand: in the glowing room (next to the lava room there is a farmable mutagen!
In addition, you can find four hints in the rooms about numbers that have to be pressed at the secret door in the order of the rooms. Behind the door in the water are the ShimmerElement stones that you have to farm. The ShimmerElement is the tribute to the MiniBoss fight.

Mini Boss

The cave to the MiniBoss can be found at 47 / 19, the MiniBoss fight can only be fought there. You must be at least level 75 to fight. To get into the cave you first have to decode the EasterEgg, you can find the five clues all over the map (little word puzzles). The door is open long enough to bring in enough dinosaurs, but the door can also be opened easily from the inside. As a tribute, 10 ShimmerElement are required, which you can only find in the adventure. In the fight you have to face Icarus, Adonis and Rih, the four god horses of Caballus. As a reward you will find the Pegasus Treasure in the boss room, this contains a BP for a ShimmerPegasus. Icarus Skin, Adonis Skin, and Rih Skin are required for crafting. The BP can only be used once, the ShimmerPegasus appears tamed.


Mod Caballus logo.png
Mod Caballus logo.png This article is about the mod Caballus.
This content is only available by installing the mod on a server or on single player.

Mod Caballus Map.png

Approximate Spawn Locations



The Island

Caballus contains the following creatures from The Island:

Scorched Earth

Caballus contains the following creatures from Scorched Earth:


Caballus contains the following creatures from Aberration:

Findable in a hidden Grotto or in die Aberration of Water Biome.


Caballus contains the following creatures from Extinction:

Genesis: Part 1

Caballus contains the following creatures from Genesis: Part 1: also the other X-Variants!

Genesis: Part 2

Caballus contains the following creatures from Genesis: Part 2:

Lost Island

Caballus contains the following creatures from Lost Island:


Caballus contains the following creatures from Fjordur:


Caballus also contains the following creatures:

Discord Link and community

Join my Discord to be up to date and talk to me about everything you think about Caballus!
Tell me all your feedback and report the bugs and issus you find. On the Discord you find my other mods, either!

The Discord Link: Caballus Discord

Resource Map, Explorer Map, Creature Spawns, Custom Items

  • Preview Resources Map (Scorched Earth).png
  • Level 55.jpg
  • Horseshoe.jpg
  • SpawnMapIcon.png