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メジャー バージョン | 2023年1月23日

(Version 356.1 クライアント向け)

  • Added an offensive text filter that we will continue to update in order to address attempts at bypassing the filter. Our system scans for the usage of numbers and other ways to replace words quite effectively and we expect to make this more robust as we move forward

ini Settings
GameUserSettings.ini [ServerSettings]

  • bFilterTribeNames=True // Filters out tribe names based on the badwords/goodwords list.
  • bFilterCharacterNames=True // Filters out character names based on the bad words/good words list.
  • bFilterChat=true // Filters out character names based on the bad word/good words list
  • BadWordListURL="URL GOES HERE" // for hosting your own bad words list
  • BadWordWhiteListURL="URLGOESHERE" // for hosting your own good words list

Other Patch Notes

  • Disabled unintended client-side visual configs
  • Fix the mouse cursor lock experienced when trying to access a structure that you do not have rank permissions for in RTS mode
  • Fixed being able to select Access inventory from radial wheel on controller
  • perf adjustment: Rate limit world buff ticks
  • Adjust transfer all cooldown to 2 seconds
  • クラッシュを修正
  • 複数の脆弱性を修正