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El chat es una de las mecánicas del juego en ARK: Survival Evolved.


The chat lets you write messages to other players and read their messages.


Ark has 3 chat "channels":

  • Global (Enter or PS4: L1 + PS4: Touch Pad or LB + Windows)
  • Tribe (Backslash or PS4: L1 + PS4: Options or LB + Menu)
  • Alliance (L1 + R1)

Commands (Does Not Apply To Console)

Key Description
\ Toggle Auto-Hide Chatbox
Enter Start typing in Global chat
Insert Start typing in Local chat
/ Start typing in Tribe chat
Home Start typing in Alliance chat
PgUp Scroll up Chatbox
PgDown Scroll down Chatbox
Tab (While Chat Input is active)

Switch through the different chat types


The name of the player who wrote a message is colored dependant their relationship to you.

Relationship Color
In your Tribe Green
You Grey
Other Yellow/Red/Maroon
Alliance Blue

Chat Emoji Icons

Typing certain characters will replace the text with an emoji in the chat for others to view. The following is a list of known in-game emojis:

Text Description Preview
:) Happy face with eyes closed. Emo Smile.png
;) winky face with a sincere smile. Emo Wink.png
:D Excited face with mouth and eyes open. Emo Laugh.png
:( Sad face with one tear. Emo Sad.png
>:) Purple devil cheeky face. Emo Evil.png
:| Straight face with beady eyes. Emo Blank.png
:o (Letter O not zero) Surprised face with big eyes and raised eyebrows. Emo Eyes.png
:P Eyes closed with tongue out. Emo Tongue.png