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Fecha de lanzamiento: 30 de junio de 2015

Cambios y correcciones:

  • Clamped how much harvesting damage you can do to a resource to the remaining health of the resource (so that, for example, chomping a tiny dilo with little resource remaining in it with a massive T-Rex bit wouldn't give you way more meat than it could reasonably have had). This may have the effect of reducing harvesting amounts in some cases, but is a necessary fix to what was essentially an overflow bug. Will consider re-scaling harvesting amounts accordingly as we proceed. (sorry we forgot this note -- a lot of code gets written every day :)
  • Re-enabled Official ARK Server item uploads to Steam Inventory: had disabled it due to a dupe bug which is now fixed ;)
  • Official Servers are now upgraded to the equivalent of "2.0" difficulty, rather than 1.0
  • Se han añadido dos niveles más al nivel máximo tanto de jugadores como de dinosaurios, para poder conseguir más engramas y nuevos objetos
  • Shader Model 4 (DX9, DX10) mode now looks a TON better, with proper light intensities, shadows and night lighting and dynamic lighting
  • Se ha añadido un nuevo dinosaurio: el Plesiosaurio (¡con una montura personalizada!)
  • Se ha añadido un nuevo dinosaurio: el Ictiosaurio (¡con una montura personalizada!)
  • Players are no longer allowed to carry more than 20% over their maximum Inventory Weight, as this was otherwise exploitable when standing on Dinos.
  • AFK kick Timer at spawn/respawn screen: server configurable, default 40 minutes
  • Structure Paint effect looks much better and fully covers the surfaces
  • Preparation for tomorrow's Mac & Linux game releases :)
  • Removed Weight limits on Smithy, Fabricator, and any other Structures which accidentally still had them
  • configurable server auto save interval
  • pipes/cables are no longer considered "enemy" foundations that prevent building nearby
  • Obelisk terminals no longer get an auto-demolish timer
  • Sabertooth level-up damage scaling ramp reduced by 50%
  • In online PvP, use of sleeping bags now triggers cooldown to all your sleeping bags nearby.
  • Taming with Higher Taming Affinity now increases base level of dino up to 50% if 100% effectiveness, improving its base statistics (previously wasn't doing much, was only generally increasing their damage)
  • Se ha añadido el dosier del Mamut
  • Using spyglass now shows Floating HUD of Dinos, Players, or Structures that you are _directly pointing at_, for long range reconnaissance
  • C4 can now be placed & detonated underwater
  • Buff timers no longer 'appear' to reset when you relogin
  • Dragging a body no longer removes your FPV hands (bug required players to manually switch to weapon and then back to hands to restore their hands :-P )
  • Se han corregido varios errores menores
  • Nonviolent Taming method for Ichthyosaurus (will follow-up with implementation for all Herbivores soon)